Pest control in Malaga

CPM, is a Malaga company, which offers its services throughout the province of Malaga. Highly qualified fumigation company in disinsection, deratization, and disinfection services of all kinds.

For this, our team is made up of biologists and staff with all the necessary and mandatory certificates to carry out their activity in pest control in Malaga. Complying with the legal regulations on the registration of biocidal establishments and services in Andalusia, attaching all the necessary documentation required by the competent delegation.

For us it is essential to offer you the best service, solving your needs at the best price. And with the greatest certainty for you that both products and personnel are approved under those that regulate the fumigation and pest control guild.

Fumigation and Pest Control Company

It is a procedure that tries to control or eliminate insects considered as pests by physical, chemical or biological treatments.

It is the prevention and control of the rodent population, being able to treat rats or mice. This requires great knowledge for the treatment to be effective.

In the disinfection process, pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, viruses or fungi) that can cause serious diseases to the whole family are eliminated, killed or inactive.

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Result with our spraying works.
We are your pest control and fumigation company throughout the province of Malaga. We are not a large corporation that throws prices and stops serving the customer well since it has 4 more sprays in one day. Each case has its application time and even many jobs require double applications for correct insect eradication or infection.

Look for a reliable pest control company, which does not go in a hurry, with the approved products and with the guarantee that they will return, if they do not end with the disinfection, deratting or the plague that entails in each case.


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