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Ants in Malaga

The ant called Latin Formicidae, inhabits the planet earth for millions of centuries having thousands of species, until today new species are being discovered. The ant eat everything, making it easier to expand, reproduce and form ant pests.

One of the most known and common pests in Malaga, is that of the ant pests. It is a colonial insect, with a very well established social and hierarchical structure. The main problem of this insect is that they are constantly expanding their anthill, in this work they can travel great distances in the search for food. This activity can take you inside our homes and homes, where they are easily visible especially in kitchens, your favorite place to eat a wide range of foods.

Over the month of August, a lot of winged ants emanate from the anthill, both male and female with the mission of establishing new colonies.

We can help you eradicate any ant plague in Malaga. Do not hesitate, every day they spend more and the anthill greater. At CPM, we do not finish our work even if we have to return several times, at no additional cost.

Types of ants

There are thousands of species of ants among which we can highlight the following types: Lasius niger (Black ant), Tetramorium caespitum (Pavement ant), Monomorium pharaonis (Pharaoh ant), Linepithema humile (Argentine ant), Paratrechima longicornis (Crazy ant) …

How we fight ants in pest control Malaga

In Pest Control Malaga we fight ant pests in different ways, depending on the case to be treated. So we can use diatomaceous earth, sprays with chemical agents or treatments with ant bait gels.

In CPM, in addition to offering you ant treatments, it also helps you control tick pests in Malaga.

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