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Bed bugs in Malaga

The elimination of bed bugs in Malaga is a booming service required. Many new pests are detected throughout the province. For several years these cases of pests have been increasing. Bed bugs are one of the most difficult insects to treat, they are small insects, similar in size to a lentil, with nocturnal activity and flattened body. To feed they produce a sting, which swells them giving them a reddish color. The female can get to lay along its life cycle of 200-500 eggs.

Where do bed bugs hide?

They are hidden in seams of mattresses, bed bases, between the sheets, furniture cracks, plugs, picture frames, door covers, etc. Being hardly detectable, although we can suspect its presence through its droppings that appear as small black droplets in the places where they are housed. That is why bed bug treatment should be very thorough.

Bed bug bites

As for the bites of the bedbugs they usually appear aligned giving rise to a reddening, bulging and itching of the skin, generally being located in the neck, hands, arms and legs.

It is an insect that feeds on you, and lives with you … It feeds on your blood, take it seriously and act from the zero minute, call us and we will solve your problem yes or yes.

Types of bed bugs

Treatment for bed bugs in Malaga

In CPM Control of Plagues Malaga we dedicate all the necessary time to solve your problem, using all the necessary and opportune means to eliminate your problem, once analyzed the situation we will also give you a diagnosis of why the bedbugs come out in this case. For this we use two methods, one physical and the other chemical.

The treatment we use, as a certified pest control company, is basically aspiration, spraying, sprinkling and thermal treatments, with the aim of eradicating nymph eggs and adult specimens of bed bugs.

Attacking the adult chince and those that are to come, that could leave since each bed bug usually puts between 200 and 500 eggs.

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