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Cockroaches in Malaga

Cockroaches are one of the insects best known by the general population and the ones that most fear (phobia) produce. They are active throughout the year, but they are in warm periods when they are most visible.

The cockroaches in Malaga can be divided into two types depending on where they live, but both are known by our pest control company.

Those of sewer cockroaches and those of homes, hotels and restaurants, although both can be found in our homes. They are intimately linked to man, because they meet their basic requirements: heat, humidity and abundant food. They are extremely prolific, producing many offspring. Cockroach eggs or the case (ooteca) that contains them has dozens including hundreds of young.

That is why we know how to differentiate between these kinds of cockroaches, both for their diagnosis and for the extermination of cockroaches. It is not the same treatment that can be given to a cockroach infection in a home, tourist apartment that sewers, machine room, boilers of a hotel etc …

Cockroaches along with bed bugs are one of the main reasons why customers contact us.

American cockroach
(American Periplanet)

It is commonly known as flying or flying cockroach because of its ability to make short flights and its brown color with a size of up to 5 cm is characteristic.

They flee from the light, that’s why they are found in dark and humid areas, usually with decomposing matter such as sanitation, sewerage, blind wells, … being able to be distributed through pipes and pipes, to reach our homes. Where they reproduce giving rise to every female up to 600-700 cockroach pups per year.

German cockroach
(Blatella germanica)

It is commonly known as a German or blonde cockroach. They are insects of small size 1 or 2 cm and are usually typical in houses, hotels, restaurants, bars, …

They have a predilection for hot, humid places and food scraps. They are preferably housed in kitchens and toilets hiding in tile cracks, door frames, countertops, paper materials, … appreciating warm places like appliances. Places where they reproduce, where a small colony can lead to thousands of cockroach pups.

Black cockroach
(Blatta orientalis)

This cockroach is known as a black cockroach. They are insects of an intermediate size between the two previous ones and it is characterized by its dark color.

Like the American cockroach, it prefers dark, warm, humid places with decomposing material. Appearing in sewage, sanitation, basements, being able to reach homes through the pipes. They can lead to 100 or 200 cockroach pups per year.

Treatment to eliminate roaches

Cockroaches can be eliminated in the short or long term. In other words, we always work to eliminate the cockroaches that are currently and those that will come in the future, and this is not achieved, arriving and spraying with liquids. In this type of work, the application of chemical and physical treatments against cockroaches is necessary.

Choosing the right insecticide is important but it is not 100% of the job against cockroaches.

Cockroaches are usually very well hidden therefore the insecticidal liquid has to be applied in these areas. Furthermore, it must be applied correctly.

Thus we have several types of treatments: food bait, spraying or misting.

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