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Flies in Malaga

Flies in Malaga can be considered a pest since they can be unhealthy above a certain limit, being potential disease transmitters and affecting human well-being. Carrying diseases such as Salmonella and E. coli, even some of them can bite like ants in Malaga.

Types of Flies

We can identify different types of flies: Calliphora vomitoria (Bluefly), Musca domestica (Domestic fly), Sarcofaga carnaria (Meat fly), Drosophilla melanogaster (Vinegar fly), Psychodidae sp. (Drainage fly), …

Treatment to eliminate flies in Malaga with control of pests Malaga.

From Pest Control Malaga we establish a program for the elimination and control of flies in your home or business. This program goes through different phases in which a series of cleaning and hygiene recommendations are established, to then exert a direct action on these insects such as the placement of baits, spraying or installation of electric fly swatters, very suitable for insects flying


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