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Mosquitoes in Malaga

We all know the particular nighttime buzz of mosquitoes that exist in Malaga. But we have to keep in mind that not all of them alert us to their presence as the famous tiger mosquito. Mosquitoes usually bite at dusk or dawn and produce an irritating bite with swelling and redness in the skin. They are attracted by places where there is standing water or landscaped areas with irrigation.

Types of Mosquitoes

In Malaga we have different types of mosquitoes: Culex pipiens (Common mosquito), Aedes albopictus (Tiger mosquito), Anopheles sp.

Treatment to eliminate mosquitoes with control of pests Malaga.

Mosquito pests can be treated in different ways by spraying in those places where they are housed. In the same way they can be treated by biological or chemical methods in those places where the larval phases reside. Another way to exert control over these insects is by using electric fly swatters.

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