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Rats and mice in Malaga

Rodents such as rats and mice have found in our homes and businesses an unbeatable environment to live and reproduce. Causing serious structural damage as well as potential disease transmitters. Up to a dozen: bubonic plague, typhus, in addition the urine of the rat is responsible for the spread of Leptospirosis, Hantavirus and Lymphocytic Corimomeningittis. The latter is a viral disease that is transmitted through the saliva and urine of the rat.

That is why at CPM we offer you the best pest inspection in Malaga with several alternatives to combat these rodents.

Types of rats and mice

As for the types of rats we have in Malaga, there are two: Rattus rattus (black rat) and Rattus novergicus (brown rat). And as for Malaga mice considered as a pest, they appear: Mus domesticus (home mouse) and Apodemus sylvaticus.

Deratization Plan

The treatments used for the control of rats and mice, is known as the deratization plan. There are different methods of deratization: Some chemical and other biological. The chemical deratization procedure involves the use of raticides, its use implies strict compliance with current regulations regarding this type of biocide. So you have to analyze each situation to use. If applied, they must be placed in safety holders and placed in areas of difficult access for people and animals. On the other hand we have physical procedures: Basically it is the placement of traps for rats or mice, spring, mousetraps, adhesive materials, etc.

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