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Ticks in Malaga

Ticks in Malaga, like fleas, usually appear in summer. Contrary to what is believed, ticks are not insects, but are more related to spiders. To reach our homes they are usually transported by our pets. It is very important to consider this pest because it can be vectors of different diseases, some very serious for man, such as the dreaded Lyme disease. As for the bite of the tick, it inserts its toothed mouth apparatus piercing the skin anchoring very efficiently in our skin, sucking our blood.

Types of Ticks

We can differentiate several types of ticks: Ixodes ricinus (common tick), Ripicephalus sanguineus (dog tick) and Argas reflexus (pigeon tick).

Treatment to eliminate Ticks in Malaga with control of pests Malaga.

Pest Control Malaga carries out a very effective treatment for the elimination of this pest, using all the existing means in the market to achieve its eradication, we also have treatment for fleas in Malaga



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