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Wasps in Malaga

The different species of wasps in Malaga are characterized by a narrow waist that allows great mobility in the abdomen, a mouth with strong jaws, a very striking color alternating black and yellow and a abdomen with a powerful stinger .

They are usually colonial, placing their honeycombs, hornets or nests, in different places, eaves of buildings, cavities, weeds, etc.

In general they are not usually aggressive but if they are bothered they can cause bites. They have the ability to nail the sting several times by injecting poison, which can cause from mild swelling to anaphylactic shock, even causing death.

Types of wasps

Regarding the types of wasps we can identify: Polistes dominula (cartonera wasp), Vespula germanica (German wasp), Vespula vulgaris (common wasp), Vespa cabro (hornet) and Vespa velutina (Asian wasp).

Wasp Treatment

The least aggressive treatment carried out by Pest Control Malaga consists in the removal and displacement of the nest to another place that is not dangerous for the population. Specific traps that allow entry but not exit are also used. And chemical treatments by spraying generally.

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